Keeled Skimmer Orthetrum coerulescens (Fabricius)


Restricted mainly to the W & S of both Britain and Ireland with isolated populations elsewhere.

Small rivers and streams and acid bog pools.

Usually early June to late August.

2017.08.25 Sussex Old Lodge, Ashdown Forest several BDS 
2017.08.14 Sussex Old Lodge NR 1 BDS 
2017.08.07 Hampshire New Forest, Crockford Stream 6+ Riley, Adrian
2017.07.20 Cornwall Menadarva/Bell Lake 8 BDS 
2017.07.20 Norfolk Roydon Common 5+ Riley, Adrian
2017.07.18 Norfolk Holt Country Park 4 Riley, Adrian
2017.07.06 Hampshire New Forest, Crockford Stream many BDS 
2017.07.04 Hampshire Slop Bog 10 Jenkins, Gareth 
2017.06.20 Surrey Chobham Common 2 BDS
2017.06.19 Dorset Arne RSPB 2BDS
2017.06.17 Norfolk Holt Country Park 10+ Riley, Adrian
2017.06.15 Surrey Thursley Common several BDS
2017.05.26 Cornwall Red River, Camborne 25+ BDS
2017.05.20 Surrey Thursley Pudmore 1 BDS