Keeled Skimmer Orthetrum coerulescens (Fabricius)


Restricted mainly to the W & S of both Britain and Ireland with isolated populations elsewhere.

Small rivers and streams and acid bog pools.

Usually early June to late August.

2017.08.14 Sussex Old Lodge NR 1 BDS 
2017.08.07 Hampshire New Forest, Crockford Stream 6+ Riley, Adrian
2017.07.20 Cornwall Menadarva/Bell Lake 8 BDS 
2017.07.20 Norfolk Roydon Common 5+ Riley, Adrian
2017.07.18 Norfolk Holt Country Park 4 Riley, Adrian
2017.07.06 Hampshire New Forest, Crockford Stream many BDS 
2017.07.04 Hampshire Slop Bog 10 Jenkins, Gareth 
2017.06.20 Surrey Chobham Common 2 BDS
2017.06.19 Dorset Arne RSPB 2BDS
2017.06.17 Norfolk Holt Country Park 10+ Riley, Adrian
2017.06.15 Surrey Thursley Common several BDS
2017.05.26 Cornwall Red River, Camborne 25+ BDS
2017.05.20 Surrey Thursley Pudmore 1 BDS