Queen of Spain Fritillary Issoria lathonia (Linn.)


Scarce immigrant and transitory resident.

Coastal dunes and heathland.

Mainly Wild Pansy and Field Pansy. Sometimes other Viola spp.

From June onwards but recorded most often in September and October.

2017.09.10 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.1 Sussex BC
2017.09.08 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.2 Sussex BC
2017.09.07 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.2 Sussex BC
2017.09.06 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.2 Sussex BC
2017.09.03 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.1 Sussex BC
2017.09.02 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.1 Sussex BC
2017.08.31 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.1 Sussex BC
2017.08.30 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.3 Sussex BC
2017.08.28 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.3 Sussex BC
2017.08.27 Sussex Halcombe Farm, Peacehaven.3 Sussex BC
2017.08.27 Sussex Telscombe/Piddinghoe (Ouse Valley) 3. Hulme, Neil. See Sussex BC for full details.