Scarce Emerald Damselfly Lestes dryas Kirby


Very localized: SE England and E and W Ireland.

Standing water with dense emergent vegetation.

Usually early June to mid-August.

2017.08.01 Essex Sea wall ditch nr Benfleet R'way St 3+ BDS 
2017.08.01 Norfolk Thompson Common a few BDS 
2017.07.20 Norfolk Thompson Common 3 Riley, Adrian
2017.07.19 Norfolk Hempton Common 5 Riley, Adrian
2017.07.16 Essex Sea wall ditch nr Benfleet R'way St 30 BDS 
2017.07.09 Essex Sea wall ditch nr Benfleet R'way St'n 100+ BDS 
2017.06.19 Essex West Canvey Marsh 10+ BDS
2017.06.17 Norfolk Hempton Common 1 BDS
2017.06.16 Norfolk Thompson Common 20+ Riley, Adrian
2017.05.28 Norfolk Sculthorpe Common 7+ BDS