Small Mountain Ringlet Erebia epiphron (Knoch)


Restricted to the English Lake District and parts of western C Scotland.

Open mountain grassland above c400m. Often prefers damp areas.

Mainly Mat-grass.

Usually mid-June to late July in England. Late June to early August in Scotland.

2017.07.12 Cumbria Grey Knotts, Honister 1 Cumbria BC
2017.07.06 Cumbria Honister Slate Mine 7 Cumbria BC
2017.06.25 Cumbria Hartsop Dodd 84 Cumbria BC
2017.06.20 Cumbria Irton Fell 7 Cumbria BC
2017.06.04 Cumbria Irton Fell 50 Cumbria BC
2017.06.03 Cumbria Irton Fell 60+ McLennan, Alex
2017.06.03 Cumbria Hartsop Dodd 3 Cumbria BC
2017.06.03 Cumbria Irton Fell 41 Cumbria BC
2017.05.25 Cumbria Irton Fell 15 Cumbria BC