Glanville Fritillary Melitaea cinxia (Linn.)


Restricted mainly to the Isle of Wight. Occasionally on Hampshire mainland. Introduced at a few other sites.

South-facing clifftop grassland and crumbling undercliffs.

Mainly Ribwort Plantain.

Usually late May to early July. Occasional second emergence in August.

2017.06.13 Isle of Wight Wheelers Bay 2 Hants & IOW BC
2017.06.13 Isle of Wight Chalkpit nr Compton Farm 2 Hants & IOW BC
2017.06.13 Isle of Wight Compton Chine 10+ Hants & IOW BC
2017.06.01 Isle of Wight Wheelers Bay 150+ Hants & IOW BC
2017.05.27 Surrey Hutchinson's Bank a few UK Butterflies
2017.05.24 Surrey Hutchinson's Bank 1 Wills, Martin
2017.05.06 Isle of Wight Locality not known  1+ BC first sightings